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Discover Provence on two wheels

MA BICYCLETTE EN PROVENCE offers on-site bike repair, bike maintenance and bike rental based at MON LODGE EN PROVENCE, Caromb.


New for 2024

Bike repair and maintenance based in our workshop in Mon Lodge in Provence. Contact us for an appointment or a quote.

We can also do home visits (consult us for conditions). 

Tel: +33(0)664097756




Choose from Bergamont adult electric all-terrain bikes (S, M, L), Bergamont adult gravel bike or kids Bergamont mountain bikes (age 8yrs-12yrs). We also offer for rental an electric Carqon Cargo two wheeled bike with seating for two kids in the front (ages 1yr-7yrs).


Bike rental is offered with the option of a variety of routes shared by MA BICYCLETTE EN PROVENCE via KOMOOT from a steady 10km to a more intense 90km. 


Find all rental prices listed below:

Kids Bergamont mountain bikes

4h - 15€

1 day - 25€

2 days - 40€

3 days - 55€

4 days - 70€

5 days - 85€

6 days - 100€

7 days - 115€

Adult Bergamont electric all-terrain bikes

4h - 30€

1 day - 40€

2 days - 70€

3 days - 100€

4 days - 130€

5 days - 160€

6 days - 190€

7 days - 220€

Electric Carqon Cargo bike

4h - 50€

1 day - 65€

2 days - 115€

3 days - 165€

4 days - 215€

5 days - 265€

6 days - 315€

7 days - 365€

Bike rental with MA BICYCLETTE EN PROVENCE can be reserved in advance via telephone or email, no deposit necessary.


Guests at MON LODGE EN PROVENCE can also just reserve bikes on arrival (subject to availability). Please note that all guests at MON LODGE EN PROVENCE qualify for discounted rates on bike rental. Get in touch for special guests rates.




We have an electric Carqon Cargo bike on-site available for rent during your stay. An electric two wheeled bike with seating for two little ones in the front, perfect for cruising round the olives trees and vineyards on our doorstep.

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