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Mon English Ecole en Provence offers group english lessons running for six weeks each time, taking place in a relaxed setting based in Caromb.

We offer lessons from one year old upwards. For all ages there are no entry requirements or exams. We focus on conversational English, using informal phrases and useful vocabulary. We want to increase confidence in speaking English and let you set your own goals.

If you live nearby then you can take advantage of our group conversation lessons which take place at Mon English Ecole en Provence, Caromb. Each six week course costs a total of 60€ (10€ per session). Sign up for one of our courses running in 2024.


We will shortly be launching video courses for those unable to attend our group lessons - get in touch to register your interest.

BABY GROUP (1-3 years)

Baby Group is about introducing English to little ones in a fun way with play, games, songs and activities. We try to use our outdoor space for Baby Group as much as possible. We have a large grass area, sandpit, pirate boat and trampoline so baby can play and learn english at the same time. We are more than happy to include adult english conversation during the session too for those interested.

We have two groups available for babies 1-3 years old:

Baby Group Tuesday 10am-11am

Baby Group Thursday 10am-11am

The next available start dates for the six week course are:

Tuesday 12 March 2024 (until 16 April 2024)

Thursday 14 March 2024 (until 18 April 2024)

Get in touch to book your place.

KIDS CLUB (4-12 years)

Kids Club is a fun environment for children to learn english. Our children's lessons take place outside wherever possible with games, music and activities. We focus on spoken english and our aim is to add useful english vocabulary and increase children's confidence. We offer a six week course covering different themes and we have several groups available:

Mini Kids Club (4–8 years)

Wednesday 10am-11am

Next available start date: 13 March 2024  (until 17 April 2024)

Big Kids Club (9–12 years)

Wednesday 11am-12am

Next available start date: 13 March 2024 (until 17 April 2024)

Mini Kids After School Club (4-8 years)

Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Next available start date: 12 March 2024 (until 16 April 2024) 

Big Kids After School Club (9-12 years)

Thursday 5pm-6pm

Next available start date: 14 March 2024 (until 18 April 2024)


Are you english and living in Provence with kids? Do you need more exposure for your children in an english environment? Do you feel you need help on your bilingual journey for your little ones? For those still learning, Baby Group or Kids Club is perfect for you. Otherwise if your children are fully bilingual already we are keen to set up a bilingual kids group – get in touch!

TEEN TIME (13-17 years)

For older children wanting to improve their english level we offer a group teen session. The idea of our teen sessions are to increase confidence and expand vocabulary in topics aimed at this age range. It is a social learning environment where we encourage speaking english naturally, there are no tests or exams in our lessons. As with our other lessons we include games as much as possible, there is no writing needed, the focus is on conversational english. To sign-up get in touch.

Teen Time (13-17 years)

Wednesday 4pm-5pm

Next available start date: 13 March 2024 (until 17 April 2024)


We have several english conversation groups available for adults looking to either learn english or progress their english. There is no entry level for either our English Brunch Club or our English Apero Club, the only thing you need is an interest in learning english.

Maybe you are looking to learn english for a holiday, for work, for family or just a hobby. Whatever your reason, you set your own goals. There are no written tests, no exams and no forced speaking in our groups. We are here to give you a relaxed english social learning environment, we are here to help build your confidence, to expand your vocabulary and also offer the opportunity to meet new people who also enjoy speaking english.

English Brunch Club

Sunday 10am-11am

Next available start date: 17 March 2024 (until 21 April 2024)

English Apero Club

Thursday 8pm-9pm

Next available start date 14 March 2024 (until 18 April 2024)


If you feel you already have a good level of English and you are looking for an extra challenge, then why not join our English Book Club. The sessions take place on the first Monday of every month. You can opt in and out on a monthly basis, the only requirement is to subscibe at least four weeks before the start date to give you time to read the book! The cost of each session is 10€ including the cost of the book which will be delivered prior to the session. Get in touch to join.

English Book Club

Monday 8pm-9pm

Next available groups: 4 March 2024 & 1 April 2024

(Don't forget to sign up one month in advance to receive your book)

Call us: +33(0)687819667

Email us:

Follow us on instagram @monenglishecoleenprovence

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