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Butter Croissant

All our accommodation is self-catered so here is some additional information about the restaurants and shops nearby to help prepare for your stay.


We would advise booking restaurants in Provence in advance whether it is for lunch or dinner, Opening times vary so take care to check in advance, especially out of the summer season. If you need help making restaurant reservations just let us know and we will be happy to call on your behalf.

Vin Ensen
Bar 156
Le 6 à Table
Bistro clos du Patre
Le Casino
Le Four a Chaux

Saint Pierre de Vassols
Le Vassol

Le Barroux
Le Entre-Potes

Crillon Le Brave
L'Auberge Provencale
La Table du Ventoux
La Madeleine
Le Saint Romain

Pasta E Basta
Pizza Paradiso
Le Flandrien
Au Dix Vin
Don Vito 
The Home Restaurant

Restaurant A Table!
Foody Café
Le Grillon
La Gousse d'Ail
Restaurant Lily et Paul

Takeaway Restaurants Caromb
Pizza Pascalou
Pizza Ventoux
Ma Pizza Rina
Gout & Passions 


Here's some information about where to pick up groceries and essentials in the village.

Aux Délices de Doume (open Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6h30-12h30 & 16h-19h, Sunday 6h30-12h30, closed Monday & Wednesday)

Boulangerie du Beffroi (open Tuesday-Saturday, 6h-19h30, Sunday 6h-12h30, closed Monday)

Boucherie Farnaud (open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7h30-12h15 & 15h30-19h, Sunday 8h-12h, closed Tuesday.)

Fruit & veg
Les Halles du Beffroi

Carrefour (closed13h Sunday)

The local market in Caromb takes place every Tuesday 8h-13h throughout the year with a small selection of stands.

Pharmacie Caromb (open Monday-Friday 8h30-12h & 14h30-19h, Saturday 8h30-12h, closed Sunday.)

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